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From bite-sized learning opportunities to connecting with leaders across the system, we offer a number of different types of events and share those from partner organisations and wider teams too.

This page showcases our range of events, what is available, downloadable resources and videos for you to watch alongside your teams.

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Current Events

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Types of Events

Throughout the year, we offer a number of different ways to connect with us to suit all leaders, levels and sectors. Most of these events also include the opportunity to record your learning over on the Leading to Change app.

To find out more about what you can expect from attending some of our events, click on the titles below.

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Community Events

The aim of these open sessions is to support the Leading to Change Community enhance their leadership practice, and develop connections between new and existing community members working in, social work, social work and health.

Each session features input from leaders from the communities we serve. With a focus on storytelling and reflections, our contributors will share their experiences of leadership in. Collectively, we explore what this means for us, in our own workplaces and in our day-to-day roles using breakout groups.

Duration: 90 minutes

Event features:

  • Leadership stories and input from a community of leaders at all levels
  • Break-out room conversations
  • Using chat to share insights and reflections

Diversity Coffee Connect

The purpose of Diversity Coffee Connect is to provide a safe learning environment to connect with others within the health, social work and social care sectors and explore the leadership context of equality, diversity and inclusion together through informal conversations. Each session focusses on a different leadership theme, and also links to our diversity blog series.

Duration: 60 minutes

Event features:

  • Diversity Blog with input from the author
  • Break-out room conversations
  • Using chat to share insights and reflections

Leadership Links

Leadership Links provides information about and access to learning opportunities for leaders and managers at all roles and levels in social care, social work and health.

Duration: 60 minutes

Event features:

  • Bite-sized learning on a variety of leadership areas
  • Access any time, any place, any device
  • Networking with social care, social work and health colleagues and partners
  • Signposting to other learning opportunities

Spotlight Sessions

Leading to Change’s ‘Spotlight Sessions’ are events designed to raise awareness of an idea, approach or research that we believe could interest and inspire those involved in social work, social care, health, and related third and voluntary sectors. These sessions are open to all and recommended for anyone across all sectors interested in understanding more.

Duration: 60 minutes

Event features:

  • Learning about key pieces of work or ideas from across the sectors
  • Networking with social care, social work and health colleagues and partners
  • Interactive chat function with opportunity for asking questions and open discussion

Peer Support

The peer support sessions are offered in response to feedback and requests from our social work, social care and health workforces.  Multiple pressures remain a challenge to allowing time and space to reflect and think within our day to day working lives.  People have shared that it’s helpful having protected time to explore issues.

Duration: 60 minutes

Event features:

  • Establish a supportive and non-judgmental space to connect and share experiences. 
  • Offer a protected space for reflection and listening. 
  • Encourage open and honest conversation. 
  • Provide an opportunity to create new relationships and networks. 


After an event has taken place, we often share packs or recordings which are useful to those who both attended the event as well as those unable to join us on the day. These resources are useful to understand the learnings from each event, as well as highlight what can be gained from attending.

Reflect and Connect Packs

Our ‘Reflect and Connect’ packs showcase our learnings from our Community Events.

Spotlight Series Recordings

Our Spotlight Series raise awareness of core themes within the Social Work and Social Care sector.

Insights Packs

Our ‘Insights’ packs highlight our call to actions from our Diversity Coffee Connect events.

Leadership Links Recordings

Leadership Links offers web-based learning opportunities for leaders of all levels across the system.

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