Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can support leaders at all levels and in all roles. They have been key elements of leadership development for decades and continue to evolve as our culture and needs require them to.  

Coaching and mentoring can also have a profound impact on personal and professional development. In this section we will explore what coaching and mentoring are, their impact, value, and the current offerings available.

What are Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching can be described as a powerful conversation involving impactful questions, listening with intent and meaningful self-reflection. The coach acts as a facilitator who takes the coachee through a process of enquiry, learning and action to achieve goals set by the coachee.

Mentoring can also be described as a powerful conversation which involves impactful questions and listening with intent. Unlike a coach who facilitates a process, a mentor shares their knowledge, advice, and experience in a manner which a mentee can learn from. The focus is still a two-way conversation and focuses on how the mentee chooses to use this learning.

How can they help me? 

Coaching and Mentoring provide a safe and confidential space, which enables the coachee/mentee to openly explore, reflect and gain insights on what matters to them.   

When underpinned by the principles of integrity, equality, openness, and trust; they can be an impactful, personal, and effective development experience that enables genuine insights and growth in personal confidence and competence. 

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