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The Leading to Change 360

Our 360° tool is specifically developed to give you a ‘rounded’ view of your personal strengths and areas for development.

What is a ‘360’ and what are the benefits?

360° feedback is designed to provide you with a ‘rounded’ view of your personal strengths and areas for development through feedback from people that have experience of working with you on a regular basis.

It will help you to:

  • increase your self-awareness
  • enhance your personal effectiveness
  • improve your working relationships
  • identify key personal development themes for you to address
  • help with career development planning

Those that you invite to provide you with feedback are categorised into ‘rater groups’ as follows:

  • manager(s) – those to whom you report (category not anonymous)
  • reports – those who report to you (directly or indirectly)
  • peers – people who are outside your line management chain
  • others – raters who are not peers or direct reports but work closely with you

If you are unsure who you should select to provide you with feedback then you should speak with your facilitator in the first instance.

What does it measure?

The 360 is aligned to the Leading to Change Leadership Profile.  This profile is wide in its focus, looking at the whole person and including the following areas:

  1. Ability
    1. Professional
    2. Leadership
  2. Insight
    1. Self-awareness
    2. Strategic insight
  3. Values
    1. Personal (clarity)
    2. Shared (with your organisation)
  4. Ambition
    1. Personal
    2. Organisational

You should also have completed the Leading to Change Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as this will provide an excellent starting point for your development journey and help familiarise you with the Leadership Profile.

I am about to start the 360 process, what happens now?

Your local lead will have agreed on your participation and a coordinator will ‘add’ the 360 to your profile on the Leading to Change app.  To access this you simply need to click on the card labelled ‘360’ which will then allow the process flow to be displayed.  Full instructions are then displayed.

As part of the 360 flow, you will have an opportunity to answer some reflective questions.  These can be answered at any time, before, during and after your feedback.

The coordinator will match you to a facilitator who is skilled at delivering one to one feedback sessions and understands the Leading to Change tools.

You will then agree with your facilitator a suitable date for the session.  This should be set far enough in advance to allow any rater that you have selected to complete their assessment.  The system automatically opens up a 4-week window for the raters to complete their assessment.  It is good practice to let the raters know that they will be receiving this.  There is a facility to tailor the message to each rater.

When you have enough raters your facilitator will be able to download the report.  The facilitator may wish to send you a copy prior to the feedback session.  This is entirely dependent on the facilitator although normally you wouldn’t get to see the report till you are having the feedback session.

When the session is complete the facilitator would mark it as compete on their system, this would then release the report into your profile.

How do I access the  360?

The 360 is designed to be administered and delivered by your organisation, supported by the central Leading to Change team.  As such your organisation retains the flexibility to define how and when to use the tool based on the needs at the time.

If you feel that you should complete a 360 appraisal, then please contact your local OD/training department for more information on how they are using it.


Will my organisation be told that I’ve done a 360 Feedback Report?

  • As part of governance and improvement you are required to complete an evaluation of the process. On a quarterly basis your local lead will be provided with a report on global usage data and any key areas for improvement.  This is to ensure that the feedback sessions maintain a high quality.
  • The content of your report will not be shared and is entirely your data.
  • You may be contacted by one of the central Leading to Change team should any feedback warrant this. If you do need to contact the central team at any point then you can do so at projectliftconfidential@nes.scot.nhs.uk

Do I need to share my report with anyone?

No. Your report is your data and you are in control of who it is shared with. It is not possible for your Raters, Group Coordinator or Manager(s) to see your report without it coming from you.
You are encouraged to share your report with your manager in order to gain support for a development plan that supports you doing something with the feedback you’ve gathered

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