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Leading to Change complements leadership development and support at local levels for the health, social work and social care workforces in the public, independent and third sectors.

Leading with kindness and inclusion, and working collaboratively with people will bring better leadership and this is the key to a more thriving and resilient workforce within social work, social care and health. One that lets us focus on what really matters – the people we care for and who use our services. 

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What we believe

We believe that good leadership, role modelling values of kindness, compassion and collaborative working can help to improve the culture and wellbeing of staff and lead to better care.

Our work has been designed in collaboration with stakeholders in social work, social care and health, and will be delivered jointly with NHS Education for Scotland (NES). It will offer a range of leadership development and support, community events and equalities interventions (starting with race equality).

User research and stakeholder insight is vital and we are conducting wide-ranging research with all three sectors to inform every aspect of our work development. Our work will be continually reviewed and improved so we can respond to changing support needs. 

We are aiming to create an exemplar culture of leadership – with a focus on the public service values and an ethos of integrity and kindness. One of the key drivers of this work will be to eventually have a diverse, inclusive and values driven workforce that reflects the diversity in our communities.

If you would like to know more about Leading to Change, please contact us.

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