Leading to Change is replacing and building on the work of Project Lift and will expand this offer across the three sectors of social work, social care and health.
We are delivering on ambitions in the Scottish Government’s National Workforce Strategy, NHS COVID Recovery Plan and the new National Care Service, to ensure we are nurturing talent and providing them with the support required to be enablers of change.

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Collaborative approach

We have worked collaboratively with stakeholders across all sectors and at all levels. These individuals make up our Leading to Change community and governance groups, and they offer real insights and critique on our proposals to help shape our work as we go. 

Our official launch of Leading to Change promoted our work to senior leaders in all sectors. It showcased the role of leadership in supporting, enabling and creating culture change and asked participants to consider the role that they play within their organisations to support collective leadership.

We are continually working on expanding all our development and support offers to meet the needs of colleagues from all sectors at all levels.

We will continue with work to design and develop talent management processes, such as our app, career conversations and Self-Assessment Questionnaire and succession planning for senior roles. 

We have created an action plan for increasing diversity among leaders for all sectors, focussing on race and ethnicity in first instance, and we will deliver a broad range of interventions to support and develop the minority ethnic workforce. We will move to increasing diversity across other protected characteristics such as disability, sex, age and socio-economic status as our work evolves.

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