Social Work, Social Care and Health Spotlight Series – HIVEMIND

Date and time
Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (GMT)
Virtual event.
About this event
Duration: 1 hour.

Join us for an insightful presentation on HIVEMIND, a ground-breaking initiative revolutionizing the landscape of social care.

HIVEMIND brings together a diverse collective of passionate social care influencers dedicated to making a tangible difference by creating spaces for reflection.

Through innovative collaboration, HIVEMIND empowers influencers to amplify their impact and drive meaningful change.

In this presentation, we’ll delve into what is HIVEMIND and how it fosters creativity, collaboration, and community among changemakers. HIVEMIND provides a dynamic platform where individuals can leverage their collective voice. We’ll also showcase examples of HIVEMIND’s events and share our intentions for future spaces.

We hope to offer valuable insights into how HIVEMIND is planning to reshape the way we influence and engage with issues pertinent to social care.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation.

This event will be available to add to ‘My Learning’ in the Leading to Change app on completion of attendance.

Alyson Vale

Creative Producer and Company Director of family care home business, Abbotsford Care

Alyson is passionate about fostering creativity and building communities. She is on a mission to spearhead innovative approaches within a relationship centred practice. She is the Co-Founder of HIVEMIND, a creative collaborative for social care influences, where her priority is to create reflective spaces for the sector to reimagine the possibilities of social care. Additionally, she contributes as an interim trustee for Hopscotch Theatre Company, she is committed to fostering creative opportunities for all ages. She also is part of the Board for Bob and Blether, an outdoor women’s swimming group which enables communities of women to come together through a shared love of outdoor swimming and raising money for charitable causes. At her heart building new channels of communication and supporting the communities that creates is her passion and practice.

Ivan Cornford

Owner & Manager, St David’s Care Home

Currently the owner of St David’s Care Home in Forfar Angus, David trained as an RGN in East London in the mid 80’s . He has worked in a variety of older people’s care settings, such as hospitals, care homes and Registration and Inspection. He has worked in various places – London, Leeds, Oxford Arbroath.

“I have been ‘around the block’ and have seen many initiatives around improving the offer of institutional older people’s care – from Cosmic Nursing onwards. Yet we seem to take two steps forward and one step backward, so I wonder if it is time for new interventions for new ways of improving, of a different way of connecting.”

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