What’s on Offer

Your development is personal to you and so we work hard to bring a range of quality, relevant and accessible development offers to cater for a wide range of leadership development needs. 

We’ve pulled out four key areas of development: Coaching & Mentoring, Events, Programmes and Resources.  Each section below takes you to a page where you can browse or search for offers that are relevant to you. You can search by sector or by topic.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can develop your leadership potential, regardless of your level or role. There are various types of both available, so explore which would help you more at this point in your career.


We offer a number of different types of events and share those from partner organisations and teams too. Find out what leadership and community events are coming soon and revisit past events here.


Explore leadership programmes for different topics, career stages and groups here. Includes in person programmes, online modules, subscriptions, leadership and digital programmes for all three sectors.


The why and how behind what we do. Thoughts and learning from the Leading to Change team and our contributors.


There are many leadership, sector and programme resources available to read, watch and engage with and links to find out more from internal and external sources. Search by sector or topic.

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