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Welcome to Leadership Bites.

We warmly invite leaders at all levels into this learning space, whether you currently lead or are part of a team.  Are you looking to move into a leadership role in the future, are you just getting started on your leadership journey or are you currently a leader that would welcome a refresh on leadership theories and topics? 

Join us online for a focused 45-minute session where our facilitators share a leadership model or leadership topic before you move into small breakout groups to ‘give it a go’ and explore this for yourselves. If you’d like to stay for the full hour, we’ll be there to answer any further questions, have a conversation or offer you the space to take a breather before you head on to your next meeting or item on your to do list. 

We have 8 Leadership Bites and if you can attend them all, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.  For each Bite, you’ll also be able to log 60 mins of learning time on your learning record (‘My Learning’) in the Leading to Change app on completion of attendance which you can use for your own records or CPD. 

Other learners said:

This is a brand new offer so we don’t have any learner quotes yet – and these are the quotes that led us to design this offer:

I’d really like to go for a team leader role but you need leadership experience or training – how do I get that if I don’t have a team?’

I have a team, but I feel like I’m winging it a bit, I’ve never had any formal training except on the line manager processes.

It’s been ages since I have had any leadership training – I’m a bit rusty but not sure what to do about it

We’re too busy for me to join a programme, is there something easier? Something I can dip in and out of?

There’s loads online but I just don’t know where to start and I’d like to learn with real people – where can I go?

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