National Coaching and

Mentoring Platform

The National Coaching and Mentoring Platform is a digital platform for managing coaching and mentoring services in health, social care and social work in Scotland.


Coaching is a safe, confidential, enabling and developmental relationship which is tailored to the specific needs, style and context of the coachee.

Within the terms of a mutually agreed contract the coach ‘walks alongside’ the individual and supports them to explore, understand and act on whatever is significant for them.

The coachee is enabled to draw on and make the most of their own strengths, experience, skills and resources.


The focus of mentoring is developing the mentee professionally. It is about helping mentees build an appropriate larger picture that will support their future career choices.

Mentors normally have more experience than a mentee in a specific area. They can share experiences, offer advice, and open doors to opportunities.

Are you looking for a coach or mentor?

If you are looking for a coach, there are different options available depending on your sector, career stage, coaching needs and your leadership development needs.

NHS Scotland Executive Coaching Register

A costed executive coaching register for senior leaders within the NHS.

NHS Scotland GP Coaching Service

Coaching service supporting qualified GPs working in Scotland.

Testimonies from Coachees

“I finish coaching a more complete person. I feel that I understand myself better, my motivations, and through this have been able to focus my work better.”

“Coaching has made a huge difference to me, in both professional and home life. I have better structures in place to make the best use of my time, awareness how others are affecting me and skills to manage challenging situations at work.”

Develop as a coach or a mentor

Find out more about professional bodies that offer formal coach and mentor development towards qualification and accreditation.

Contact the team

For more information about the National Coaching and Mentoring Platform services, contact our team.

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