I want to develop as a coach/mentor

Great coaches and mentors come from all walks of life and work. If you would like to develop your skills in either of these areas, the details below offer guidance, ideas and further links to explore.

You can find more options by searching for ‘coaching and mentoring’ in our resources page.

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Leader as a coach

Your everyday conversations as a leader offer a great opportunity to use elements of coaching and mentoring. This adds depth, focus and helps make conversations more meaningful, creative and equal.  

This section starts with a nod to a range of inspiring resources and behaviours that may help sharpen your everyday coaching and mentoring skills. 

  • Active listening, asking, and paraphrasing. In his blog, Daniel Stillman sets out how to mindfully slow down the conversation to create deeper connections using the Listening Triangle.  
  • Bringing your authentic self to the conversation. In this video, Brene Brown explores the power of vulnerability in making genuine human connections with authenticity, compassion and courage. 
  • Inquiry and embracing the discomfort of silence. In this video, Edgar Schein defines Humble Inquiry as the fine art of drawing someone out, of asking questions to which you do not know the answer, of building a relationship based on curiosity and interest in the other person. 
  • Psychological safety and holding space for reflection and creative thinking. In this podcast, Amy Edmondson explores the concept of psychological safety in the workplace. 
  • Honesty and Transparency. In this video, Prof. Megan Reitz explains the importance of speaking truth to power and how a transparent culture is vital in enabling creativity, innovation, and fulfilment. 
  • Switching perspectives. The video showcases how reverse mentoring can support collaboration, development, diversity and innovation for all involved. 

SSSC’s Step Into Leadership and 23 Things Leadership offer a range of resources and tools relating to developing your coaching and mentoring skillset. NES has also developed a wealth of resources on Coaching and Mentoring, available via Turas Learn.

Formal accreditation for coaches and mentors

If you are looking to become an accredited coach/mentor, this page signposts you to professional bodies offering formal development opportunities. Please contact your local organisational development team for more information regarding access and available funding.   

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