Leadership Links Webinar: Introduction to the Scottish Prevention Hub – Collaboration for Change

Date and time
Thursday, 22 February 2024, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (GMT)
Virtual event.

This event is now in the past. A recording is available here. You can download the slides here.

There is growing interest in how best to build the capacity and capability for complex collaborative work within the public service system including local government, policing and public health. Improved understanding of each other’s contexts, cultures, motivations and constraints are required, and a more sophisticated appreciation of what it means and takes to collaborate well.

In this session we hear from Police Scotland, Public Health Scotland and the Edinburgh Futures Institute as they introduce The Scottish Prevention Hub, a collaboration focused on reducing inequalities with an emphasis on primary prevention. The session will explore their journey so far, the challenges associated with complex collaborative work across organisational and disciplinary boundaries and considers opportunities for building capacity and capability for complex collaborative work more widely.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the establishment and journey to date of The Scottish Prevention Hub
  • To consider the challenges of complex collaborative work
  • To hear about the collaborative leadership approach taken by the three founding partners of the Hub
Dr Diane Stockton

Dr Diane Stockton

Consultant in Public Health in Public Health Scotland

Diane is a Consultant in Public Health in Public Health Scotland. Her national roles have included Director of Public Health Sciences in NHS Health Scotland, covering public health surveillance, evidence and evaluation aimed at improving health and reducing health inequalities, co-director (and co-founder) of the Scottish Public Health Observatory and principal investigator for the Scottish Burden of Disease Study. Earlier in her career she led the cancer surveillance team for Information Services (ISD) Scotland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Diane led the Scottish public health response for children and young people (with a particular focus on education) and the national COVID-19 vaccine surveillance programme. She has a wide range of research interests, with around 100 scientific publications.
Diane is currently the Head of the Clinical, Health Intelligence and Research division in Public Health Scotland which provides scientific leadership around prevention, health improvement, healthcare public health and research.
She is also the Health and Justice lead for Public Health Scotland, co-directing a Prevention Hub with Police Scotland and Edinburgh University working to reduce people engaging with justice settings through a public health approach, and has set up an innovative surveillance programme in partnership with the Scottish Prison Service looking at the health and wellbeing of prisoners and prison staff.

Clair Thomson

Clair Thomson

Collaboration Transformation Manager within Police Scotland’s Partnerships Prevention & Community Wellbeing Division

Clair is the Collaboration Transformation Manager within Police Scotland’s Partnerships Prevention & Community Wellbeing Division and leads on their Strategic Public Heath Collaboration Unit.
Clair has been working in Policing for nearly 20 years. 12 years of this has been spent within Learning & Development, Transformation and Change roles.

Clair’s current role brings all her passions together, viewing herself as a public servant & system leader for Scotland to join-the-dots, connecting the system to more of itself to maximise impact for improved outcomes for our people, places and communities of Scotland for the most complex socio-economic challenges we have. Working with National Partners to maximise impact of improved outcomes, building & embedding a Public Health Approach to Policing, and growing the focus on Prevention. Clair is currently co-director for a Scottish Prevention Hub with Public Health Scotland and Edinburgh Futures Institute at University of Edinburgh Clair led the development and the delivery of the first Strategic Collaboration Framework with Police Scotland and Public Health Scotland.

Clair is passionate about supporting her colleagues to effectively collaborate through building effective relationships i.e. the ‘How’ and has lead a Collaborative Leadership Programme Pilot in Police Scotland with colleagues in Local Government building knowledge of systems and relational leadership, this was successfully evaluated through Scottish Institute of Policing Research (SIPR) and is now being considered for growth and expansion across Scotland, widening the partners involved.

Dr Kristy Docherty

Dr Kristy Docherty

Director of Public Services at the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Kristy is the Director of Public Services at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) established by the University of Edinburgh. EFI is a thought-laboratory focused on tackling complex issues by bringing people, organisations and disciplines together. She has a PhD in Collaboration and draws from this research and her practice experience to support multidisciplinary and cross-boundary teams who want to work differently and collaborate more effectively.

With over 20 years’ practice experience, spanning the public, private and third sectors she has held senior positions for organisations in the Social Housing, Urban Regeneration and Renewable Energy fields where she has led teams to deliver change and infrastructure projects, advised organisations on the ‘how’ of complex collaboration, the process of brokering successful partnerships and understanding the challenges of cross sector engagement, all in pursuit of addressing complex, intractable and ‘wicked’ issues.

Kristy is currently working with colleagues from Police Scotland and Public Health Scotland to develop a ‘Prevention Hub’, an innovative ecosystem focused on reducing inequalities through actions to improve health and wellbeing. The Hub will be situated within the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

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