Reflect and Connect Pack: The Impact of Providing a Space to Learn

On 20th June 2023, we held the second event of our new Community Event Series – The Impact of Providing a Space to Learn.

As mentioned during the session, we are delighted to share with you our Reflect and Connect Pack from the event. This pack is beneficial both to those who attended the event as well as those who were unable to join us on the day. It offers:

  • Our focus
  • Recordings from our contributors: Alan Wilson – NHS Highland, Anna Alexander – NHS Education for Scotland and Gary Paul – Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow
  • Collective learning, key discussion themes and personal reflections from the event
  • Next steps and moving forward

Please download, share and let us know what you think.

If you want to use this with your team or in your local workspace and you don’t know how to start, then please contact us for a chat and we can help you work out what would work for you. 

To find out more about our future events, please visit our events page

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