Creating space for conversations

This resource is recommended reading relating to the Leading to Change Community Event: Creating space for others – empowerment for wellbeing and development.

Author: Allison Trimble. Published as an article in The King’s Fund in May 2020.

Duration: 5′


When people are stressed and anxious, creating a shared, safe space to keep thinking and to maintain and develop relationships with colleagues is important.

Start by checking in with each other. Give each person (including yourself) space to share what’s happening for them and how they are doing. At the moment, teams or groups need to spend time together – if only virtually, supporting each other and keeping connected to where each person is. Taking time to share thoughts and feelings can help to stop things from festering and helps build emotional resilience as a team. This is not a self- indulgent activity, but an essential task as colleagues and communities need leaders to work together to give confidence and containment to the wider work. Senior teams need space to just be with each other for their own wellbeing

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