You as a Collaborative Leader (YaCL)

You as a Collaborative Leader (YaCL) is a programme for health and social services professionals working in integration, to develop the skills and knowledge to lead effectively across integrated settings where effective collaboration is essential. This programme is part of Leading for Integration.

YaCL is designed to help you recognise your own leadership strengths and sources of resilience and how you can best use these to lead change more collaboratively and effectively to deliver health and social care integration. With a mixture of personal coaching, peer thinking and group workshop sessions, it is designed specifically to support you to increase your self-awareness as a leader, create greater presence, influence more effectively and have greater impact as a collaborative leader.  

Other learners said:

“I really enjoyed the coaching session at the end -something I wasn’t sure about but have taken huge value from. The peer sessions really built up towards this.”

Peer thinking was excellent. I really benefitted from this.  I was able to consolidate my learning in a practical way.”

“I felt the balance was right, but did find the workshops very intensive re theory, I needed time to review and reflect on the day!”

“I felt the combination of learning methods worked really well, I appreciated the space to able to reflect in the peer thinking and attending workshops where information was shared as well as the chance to break out into small groups to discuss. The coaching session was very skilfully facilitated. Thanks”

“It was interesting to learn about the different leadership styles and discuss strategies about how to implement them into my own practice. It was a very safe and free space to engage in conversation and allowed me to reflect on my own insecurities and present them to my group. This was something I would not have anticipated in the beginning and actually allowed me to present the real issue I was feeling to my group. It has allowed me to develop confidence in the leadership skills I already possess and work on developing those even further.“

The input from each of the speakers was very valuable.  They each expanded on the content of the programme in a different way based on their role, remit and experiences of working in or receiving services from agencies.  I was moved and touched by each of the facilitators’ inputs.  They energised me to believe in my approach and aim in order to continue to learn from Service User’s experiences, develop more ways to hear their feedback and also to continue to adopt a person-centred approach when -engaging with people.“

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