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The background to why compassionate, collaborative leadership at all levels is at the heart of Leading to Change.

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The background : The Project Lift years (2018 – 2022)

Leading to Change builds on the work and ethos of Project Lift which was an opportunity to test out a new approach to leadership which was based on evidence from a range of sources. 

Core to the ethos, also known as our leadership approach, was the belief that relationships and people are at the heart of everything we do.  In context, what Project Lift was all about was how we treat ourselves and each other, the frame of  self, team, system and that central belief that people are at the heart of everything we do.

In social work, social care and health we provide services and support for and with people. A strong belief in  leadership at all levels across our system means we value people and our humanity so we can make the most of each other’s potential, our services, and the positive impact we can make in Scotland.

What is the Project Lift approach to leadership?

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Our humanness, the relationships between us, both the rational and the emotional.

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Purpose & connections 

Connecting across the system on the shared ambition and aspiration of the National Performance Framework

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Kindness & compassion

In all of our interactions, behaviours, policies, and cultures.

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Humility & curiosity

Being open to other knowledge, to vulnerability, to growth, to courage, to the power of “we”.

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Seeking leadership at all levels and in all professions, valuing the strengths of people wherever they are, and working alongside each other in our communities.

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Respecting and valuing different backgrounds, skills, perspectives, and contributions.

“There may be no greater leadership challenge in 2019 than to help people under pressure to feel valued and for everyone to appreciate the benefits which come from rebuilding strong relationships, bringing out the best in each other and enabling everyone to be more effective in every way.” 

John Sturrock, QC and mediator. May 2019

What is the Evidence Base for the Ethos?

There are two main sources to explore the evidence base for the Project Lift Ethos and the wider work:

In the 2019 Progress Report the Case for Change, The Project Lift Ethos,  The Project Lift Ethos in Practice and The Project Lift Ethos – Influences and Evidence Base are all laid out in the first public record of the work.

In this resource ‘Project Lift – Our Evidence Base’  you can see the list of references to our evidence and explore further in a way that works for you.

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