The National Wellbeing Hub

02/03/2023 - The National Wellbeing Hub

When you spend your days caring for others, it can be difficult to find the time to care for yourself.

The National Wellbeing Hub was launched in 2020 to support the wellbeing of the health, social care and social work workforce in Scotland. This includes everyone delivering, or enabling the delivery of, care in public, private and third sectors.

The Wellbeing Hub provides a range of self-care and wellbeing resources to enhance personal resilience and signpost to relevant mental health and support services. Based on the principles of psychological first aid, the hub can provide you with information, guidance, and evidence-based resources on a variety of topics around mental, physical and financial wellbeing. We hope these give you not only psychological support, but also support for practical, everyday concerns, as well as a bit of reassurance that whatever you’re feeling is probably completely normal given the situation you’re finding yourself in.

Much like Leading to Change, it is free at the point of use and on the website there are free apps, articles, tip sheets, videos, podcasts, and webinar recordings.

There is also information about the formal support available to you locally and national services such as the Workforce Specialist Service. If you’d like to speak to someone confidentially about your mental wellbeing, you can also phone the National Wellbeing Helpline on 0800 111 4191.

The Hub is managed in partnership between The Rivers Centre (NHS Lothian’s specialist psychological trauma service) and the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates. In addition, the Hub is supported with the engagement of key partners including NHS Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships, Professional Bodies and Associations, Coalitions and Trade Unions.

You can find out more about the hub and what it can do for you on it’s website.

We hope the Hub makes it a little easier for you to take care of yourself and your colleagues.

All information within this blog was correct at the time of publishing.

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