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This page focuses on offers and resources aimed specifically at those working within social care in Scotland. To find development offers available across social work, social care and health search ‘All Sectors’ in any of our What’s on Offer subpages.

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Find out more about Leading to Change and what we can offer you.
Watch this excellent video from the recent Scottish Social Services Awards which highlights the importance of the Social Work and Social Care sectors in Scotland.

Leading to Change is for everyone working in social care here in Scotland. Leadership at all levels means that regardless of role, grade, specialty or board there is leadership development available for you. If your career stage is self leadership, team leadership, or leading organisations, we believe that your development is important and welcome you to explore what offers we have that are relevant to you.

Resources & Self Directed Learning

Leading to Change has a range of resources for you to explore in your own time and in your own way.

There are a range of offers that you can use in a way that suits your career stage, your interests and your preferred way of learning. From bite-sized learning to watch or read through to toolkits and study, we hope you can find something that suit your needs and your work patterns too.

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Claire’s story features in the You’re Awesome special on our Stories that Inspire Change sites

Change & Humanity

“I have a fantastic team of therapy staff who throughout the pandemic have never stopped seeing people in their own homes for therapy rehab intervention ; and who have delivered basic equipment to ensure clients are supported and able to live as independently as possible; and staff who have worked through the snow engaging their partners to drive 4×4 cars so that clients needs can be met; for staff who voluntary have worked late so that they can get food for clients discharged late from hospital; staff who have consistently turned up for work; supported each other; and who care and have kept going! A top team!”

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can make a difference in your self, team or organisational leadership at any stage of your career and in any role.

Find out more about both of these offers using the button here or scroll below to see development offers available to those who work in social care.

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Coaching for Wellbeing

A free coaching offer open to all in social care, social work and health in Scotland. Confidential coaching focusing on your wellbeing for work and home.

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SSSC’s 23 Things Leadership

Designed to offer an introduction to varied aspects of leadership, help you recognise your own leadership capabilities, encourage development of good leadership.

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SSSC’s Step into Leadership

Explore resources to support professional development and learning in the field of coaching, mentoring and supervision.

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