Webinar recording: Intersectionality in the care of marginalised communities 

This Leadership Links session is presented by Talat Yaqoob and focusses on how communities who experience multiple and compounding inequalities experience the health and social care system in Scotland.  

Learning Objectives:  

  • Gain an understanding of intersectionality and its theoretical origins  
  • Build an understanding of how this can be utilised and applied in our jobs within the health and social care sectors in Scotland  
  • Understand how lived experience expertise in this area can support effective service delivery 

Additional information and resources

Talat Yaqoob FRSE

Talat Yaqoob FRSE

Independent Social Researcher, Consultant, and Campaigner

Talat has worked across the third sector for almost 15 years across a number of areas including mental health stigma, women’s labour market inequality and access to education. Her work focuses on anti-racism, gender equality and intersectionality in policy and practice. She is an award-winning writer and campaigner and is the co-chair of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls.

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48 mins
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Accessing Leadership Links recordings 

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