University of Glasgow – Microcredentials: Fully Funded Courses

The University of Glasgow’s Upskilling courses have been designed to equip learners with in-demand skills and tools for career development and education progression. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to the field, these courses offer a quick and efficient way to gain transferable knowledge and academic credits in just 5 or 10 weeks. Each course is informed by robust job market analysis and skills demand and takes place entirely online. With no fixed class schedules, these courses can fit around your existing commitments, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all learners.

Whether you’re looking to explore a new area or build upon your existing skills, the University of Glasgow’s Upskilling courses can open up rewarding opportunities for your future growth and success.

Applications for the next run of Upskilling courses open on 8 July 2024, with courses commencing on 23 September 2024.

Application Information

The application and outcome process is managed exclusively by the University of Glasgow and is not associated in any way with Leading to Change. Learner intake occurs three times per year, coinciding with course start dates in September, January, and April.

Leading to Change collaborates closely with the Upskilling Team to promote awareness and facilitate applications for their courses. By subscribing to the Leading to Change distribution list, you will receive timely notifications regarding the opening of the application process and the availability of courses for each term.

About the Courses

We are sharing this offer as something we believe could be a relevant and valuable development opportunity for you.

  • Specifically relate to the Health and Care system
  • Are accessible for those for whom funding, location, or educational background may usually be a barrier
  • Have fully funded places available on a first-come-first-served basis, allowing Scottish-domiciled learners to upskill free of charge (worth £399-£799)
  • Are worth 5 or 10 academic credits that can be put towards further study at the University, evidenced by a HEAR Transcript
  • Last 5 or 10 weeks
  • Are fully online and flexible (with no scheduled classes to attend)
  • Are informed by robust job market analysis and skills demand in the Health and Care industry

Some points to note are:

  • Courses begin on predetermined dates, with the idea that each cohort will progress together.
  • Each course is designed for a commitment of around 8 to 10 hours per week.
  • Typically, courses involve 1 or 2 non-compulsory assignments, which must be completed if learners seek academic credits.
  • Most courses are Postgraduate-level, but a couple are Undergraduate-level.
  • Different courses are available at different times of year, depending on demand and availability.

Relevant courses likely to run in 2024/25 include:

Other courses will cover topics such as data skills, digital transformation, code languages, and more.

To find out more about the Upskilling Project, application dates, and upcoming courses, click here. To stay up to date, follow @UofGUpskilling on X.

Other learners said:

“From a personal development point of view, I’m also doing deeper thinking about the tools and techniques I teach and how to adapt them in light of my new insights. To bring all of these into my wider teaching practice feels like a valuable asset from participating in two short term online courses that have offered me learning from both their content and how they were delivered.”
– Heather Shearer, Participant, 2021

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