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Coaching for Wellbeing

Maybe you would like to try coaching yet worry that you don’t have the time or that you’re not in the right place for it right now.

Wellbeing has become a top priority, so Leading To Change is offering free coaching to help promote wellbeing. This offer is open to all working in health and social care in Scotland and allows individuals with limited resources the chance to access the benefits of wellbeing coaching.

Coaching for wellbeing helps individuals to understand how their wellbeing affects their work, their interactions with colleagues, and ultimately the quality of service they can provide. With this valuable guidance, those in health and social care can gain more insight into how they operate and make decisions while gaining helpful approaches and strategies that will improve wellbeing including mindfulness exercises and stress relief activities.

As awareness of wellbeing grows in this field and more effective practices are developed, Leading To Change’s Coaching for Wellbeing offers an essential starting point for those looking to ready themselves for new challenges.

Coaching for Wellbeing is a free coaching offer open to all in health and social care in Scotland; professional coaches, confidential coaching focusing on your health and wellbeing for work and home.

Coaching for Wellbeing was initially created to support colleagues facing challenges resulting from the pandemic. As the pressures continue  to impact people across the system, our offer continues to be open to all colleagues in health, social care and social work sectors in Scotland to access this coaching support. Coaching is delivered by qualified and experienced coaches all of whom have experience of working with and coaching health and social services staff.

The National Wellbeing Hub includes additional guidance and a video.

What coachees said:

‘It has been a transformational experience,  which saved me professionally during the most difficult time of my career.’

‘I have already shared the coaching for self-care opportunity with several colleagues. I say it put me back in control when I felt life was getting out of control.’

‘I found the experience extremely beneficial. I was nervous at the start but was immediately put at ease. Conducting it as a virtual meeting didn’t act as a barrier to delving deep into some of the issues I had. [My coach] is very insightful and has provided me with some excellent tools and resources which have helped me feel more confident and more in control.’

‘It can be very helpful in helping you to see clearly where things are going wrong and then to find a way forward.’

‘Go for it. It helped me gain clarity re my choices.’

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