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Coaching for Wellbeing

What is Coaching for Wellbeing?

Coaching for Wellbeing provides a safe, confidential and supportive space to help reflect, explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and think about how to build resilience and support a sense of wellbeing. 

Where relevant, it can also be used to explore how to lead and support others and their wellbeing during challenging times.  

Coaching for Wellbeing supports individuals to reflect how their wellbeing affects their work, their interactions with colleagues, and ultimately the quality of service they can provide. Coaching can help gain more insight into how they operate and make decisions, while gaining helpful approaches and strategies to help improve their wellbeing and confidence.  

Who is it for?

Coaching for Wellbeing is a free coaching offer open to all in health and social care in Scotland.

How does it work?

This free offer of two hours online coaching can be used in one session or divided into shorter sessions.   

The coach will facilitate a process that aims to help a coachee to make sense what is happening to them right now, to draw on their strengths, and develop new strategies to cope with the challenges they are experiencing, whether personal or professional.  

What coachees said:

‘It has been a transformational experience,  which saved me professionally during the most difficult time of my career.’

‘I have already shared the coaching for self-care opportunity with several colleagues. I say it put me back in control when I felt life was getting out of control.’

‘I found the experience extremely beneficial. I was nervous at the start but was immediately put at ease. Conducting it as a virtual meeting didn’t act as a barrier to delving deep into some of the issues I had. [My coach] is very insightful and has provided me with some excellent tools and resources which have helped me feel more confident and more in control.’

‘It can be very helpful in helping you to see clearly where things are going wrong and then to find a way forward.’

‘Go for it. It helped me gain clarity re my choices.’

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