QI Connect: Learning to enable improvement – managing effectively in complexity

Date and time
Wednesday, 15 March 2023, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (GMT)
Virtual event. Virtual.

This event is part of the QI Connect webinar series hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

The next QI Connect session, with Toby Lowe, takes place on Wednesday 15 March, 3PM – 4PM UK time.

This session explores the relationship between Human Learning Systems and continuous improvement. “Human Learning Systems” is an alternative approach to public management which embraces the complexity of the real world, and enables us to work effectively in that complexity.

The NHS and social care services are complex adaptive systems. Complexity creates a variety of challenges for all who work in public service. The outcomes they seek are created by the complex systems that are the lives of the people they serve.

Join us to hear Toby explain how creating a management environment which enables and supports continuous learning drives improvement in complex environments.

Our speaker

Toby Lowe is a Visiting Professor in Public Management at the Centre for Public Impact Europe.

Toby spent 15 years working across public and voluntary sectors in the UK, working in both policy and delivery roles. He is on secondment to the Centre for Public Impact from Newcastle Business School. He is working with public and voluntary sector organisations to develop an alternative public management paradigm. It will enable public service to work more effectively in complex, dynamic environments.

For more information, please visit the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.

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