It’s not your job to be everything to everyone – Kirstin Purdie

Date and time
Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (GMT)
Virtual event. MS Teams.

This is a past event – Click here to access a recording of this webinar and other related resources.

Leadership Links webinar hosted by NHS Education for Scotland

As leaders and senior managers, the growing expectation to do more with less, increase outputs, improve on targets, strive for efficiencies, strive for service improvement and excellence, finding creative and innovative approaches to deliver on outcomes, while striving for career progression, is undeniably challenging.

For those delivering on the above, business & service success can look and feel vastly different from mental and emotional success. These daily pressures can lead to extreme and often unrealistic expectations of ourselves, which can result in feelings of lack of motivation, frustration, potential exhaustion and even finding a moment where you catch yourself wondering, “how did it ever get to this”?

This webinar describes a Senior Managers personal experience and recollection of an attempt to, “be everything to everyone” and its consequences. It is an honest, open, and retrospective account of past mistakes, personal and professional “life events and challenges,” while providing suggestions and tools that you can use as a potential catalyst for positive change.

It’s simple message and purpose are:

  • To highlight the non-negotiables of self-care and self- compassion.
  • To reflect on your current situation at work and ask yourself, are you currently trying to “be everything to everyone”?
  • To demonstrate how personal challenges can shape transformational change with positive and lasting results.
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