Book Club – Turn The Ship Around! A True Story of Building Leaders by Breaking the Rules

Date and time
Tuesday, 17 September 2024, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (GMT)
Virtual event.
About this event
Duration: 1 hour.
Tuesday, 17 September 2024, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (GMT)

“Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers.” 

David Marquet

Our first session of the Leading to Change Book Club will be featuring ‘Turn the Ship Around’ by L.David Marquet which is on the reading list for many of our national leadership programmes as well as being an international best seller.

Whether you have already read the book, you are interested in reading it, or finding out more about it; this is a space were you are welcome to engage, grab a cuppa, and join the conversation.

About the Book: Turn the Ship Around! Book – David Marquet

An online copy of this book is available via the Knowledge Network. Anyone who helps to deliver publicly funded health or social care in Scotland is eligible to access and create an Open Athens account.

Free, optional, resources for your consideration:

To Watch: A visual summary from the author: What is leadership? – With David Marquet (9 minutes)

To Read: An actionable summary: Turn the Ship Around! | Actionable Books (5 minutes)

About the book club

Our aim is to create a flexible learning space for leaders at all levels, who appreciate books and reading as part of their continuous leadership development. A cosy space to promote, celebrate and enhance the valuable role of books to our personal growth, self-leadership and critical thinking. 

We will be using the following format to facilitate this 1-hour session:

Welcome and setting the scene  
Discussion in small groups:  

– What interested you in this book?
– Share an insight that resonated with you
– Share one thing you will do or think about differently as a result?  
Larger group discussion  
Collating our ‘5 Leadership Bookmarks’ as a group

Bring a cuppa, a curious mind and join us in conversation!

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