Leadership Links Event: Self-Care is not Selfish – Record your Learning

Our virtual event Leadership Links: Self-Care is not Selfish took place on Wednesday 13th December 2023.

Those who attended this event will now be able to record their learning within the new ‘My Learning’ page on the Leading to Change app.

How to record your learning

Simply click on the ‘Record my Learning’ button at the bottom of this page – by doing so you will be redirected to the Leading to Change app where you can log-in via TURAS or create a TURAS account.

Once you have logged in, you will find the event listed under the new ‘My Learning’ section of the Leading to Change app which is accessible from the drop-down menu.

This feature will only work if you have completed the set-up of your profile within the Leading to Change app.

If you attended this event and are having issues recording your learning, please get in touch with a member of our team.

Record your learning
50 mins
What is this for?

Click this button to record your learning in the Leading to Change app. If you have a profile in the Leading to Change app you now have the ability to record any learning showing this button. If you do not have a profile you can register with a TURAS account or create one for free.

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