Leadership Bites – an answer to a known appetite?

17/05/2024 - Sara Dewar Leadership Bites – an answer to a known appetite?

I’d really like to go for a team leader role but you need leadership experience or training – how do I get that if I don’t have a team?

I have a team, but I feel like I’m winging it a bit, I’ve never had any formal training except on the line manager processes.

It’s been ages since I have had any leadership training – I’m a bit rusty but not sure what to do about it

We’re too busy for me to join a programme, is there something easier? Something I can dip in and out of?

There’s loads online but I just don’t know where to start and I’d like to learn with real people – where can I go?

These are real questions that have come to us in various groups, conversations, and settings over the past year from real people in different roles and teams across our sectors which has led us to believe that there is a real appetite for an informal, practical, bite size offer of leadership development.

From the L&D Manager who has no other team members and must prioritise regulatory and organisation specific management training, to OD teams in larger organisations who have huge curricula to deliver across a large and varied workforce, the issue is the same; do more with less and still cater for everyone.

As Leading to Change, our USP is that as a non-mandatory programme we can offer support into national programmes such as Leading for the Future, New Horizons and You as a Collaborative Leader, and also respond to potential gaps in provision where resource or organisational level priorities make this unviable locally. 

Leadership Bites is a response the latter, and has come from listening to content, sector and local groups, individuals, participants and would-be participants. Following our Enquiry exercise at the beginning of the year, we received a positive response when we shared our plans for a holistic events approach and for a new offer that straddles the events and programme space, one we are referring to as a Learning Space rather than an event or programme.

Leadership Bites is designed as an offer for all those who recognise any of the quotes above: for those new, early stage or ‘slightly rusty’ leaders, and who would appreciate the opportunity for some leadership basics that are relevant regardless of sector, role or employing organisation.

To make it even more flexible we have added two features:

·      Flexible finish60 mins of development with the final 15 mins being optional gives you flexibility and learner autonomy. You can choose to stay to discuss further or ask questions or take 15 mins to yourself as a wellbeing action. Therefore, if you would appreciate the break before your next meeting, clinic, visit or task you can take this time.

You will be able to record the full 60 mins of learning regardless, recognising that breaks are as important as the learning itself.

·      Dip in or go all in – we have 8 sessions planned for this year and you have the option of attending 1, a few or all of these.  This allows you to try out a specific topic or the style of session to do so while also providing a collective set of sessions if you are looking to show you dedication and commitment to learning more about leadership basics, maybe in preparation to apply for your first team leader role, or to ‘top up’ after some time in post. 

Whatever the appetite, all are welcome. This learning space is open, free to all, and set at the first stages of leadership. We are starting with online sessions with smaller participant groups so that connection and conversation can be maximised to help you learn together. 

If demand is high, then we will look to offer additional groups and we will explore the possibility of making this extensible for local teams to run similar sessions.

If you would like to find out more or support these sessions please contact hello@leadingtochange.scot

We’d like to thank Claire, Susan and Sara for working up the design of this offer and also to thank all those who have shared their thoughts, needs and wants through conversations, feedback and our enquiry process. You can find out more using the buttons below.

Sara Dewar

Sara Dewar

Digital, Communications & Engagement Lead, Leading to Change, SCLF

Sara is a coach and people development specialist in executive and leadership development, coaching, talent management and engagement. Coming from the private sector, she has embraced the chance to work with health, social care and social work related organisations through Project Lift, Leading to Change and national leadership and coaching programmes. She enjoys working in the NES Leading to Change Delivery team and as also a coach with the opportunities to connect across the wider system as part of this role.

Sara is currently the leads for Digital, Communications and Engagement for Leading to Change and also leads the Leadership and Management Development Programme for the Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship in NHS Education for Scotland. She is also involved as coach for Coaching Matters, Coaching for Wellbeing and in third sector pro bono programmes.

A mum to two boys, she can regularly be found at the side-line of a rugby or football pitch holding water bottles and hoodies.

All information regarding our contributors was correct at the time of publishing.

All information regarding our contributors was correct at the time of publishing.

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